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Thursday, January 08, 2015


So for #FideLeonWedding, I wanted to go somewhere that I could trust the stylist 100% to do a good job on my hair no matter what, (hey hair is super importan for girls ok, it could literally make or break your look!) many years back I used to do my hair at Clover Hair Boutique at Far East Plaza, now they have expanded and moved to a more prominent and it's easier to spot them now!

You know the Watsons on Level 2 at Far East Plaza, 
Clover Hair Boutique is located just beside Watsons. (:

Photo credits to Chris, The Wedding Murals.

Haha yeah greedily nomming my tangyuan, not gonna stop for the camera! 
Really love the color that my stylist at Clover Hair Boutique did!

I've ben sporting the same pink/brown shade for the past 6 months or so?
 For the wedding I just wanted something lighter and softer, haha also since we're going to europe for our honeymoon I also wanted to "keh-angmoh/fake-angmoh" for abit.

When we were shopping in Zara, Zurich Leon said he looked around the whole of Zara and couldn't find me at first because i had my light beautiful ash blond hair hahaha 

This was taken indoors in our apartment in London with warm lighting so it looks darker, they did a treatment for me as well to make sure my manes are managable, smooth and bouncy! 


Last week i went back to get some ombre highlights on as well!

Seriously ombre highlights looks so yummy with curls! 

I think I will have my base shade a little darker on my next visit so the ombre highlights would be more obviously. Still liking my bangs so far so i'm keeping it short. (:

They really did a great job on the ombre highlights because I obsolutely hate that dip dye look, so they were very careful during the bleaching process and kept massaging the bleached portion for this really natural looking result!

Under florescent light VS under natural light!

Exclusive discount for TheLuckiestChick Readers: 

Clover Hair Boutique will be offering TheLuckiestChick readers 
an exclusive discount of 20% off total bill

Simply quote "LuckiestChick20" when you call to emake your appointment to enjoy the 20% off!
* discount not available for director services. 

Far East Plaza #02-44/45
14 Scotts Road
Call: 6836 2748

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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